Modi Law College established in the year 2016, under the unique heritage of Seth Ram Ji Das Modi Vidya Niketan Society, seeks to be represented as a centre for holistic Legal Studies. With a revolutionary vision, we strive to impart legal education, keeping in mind that Law is a part of humanities, yet uphold the aim of empowering our students with the tools required to succeed in this noble profession. Being fully conscious of the fact that law and society are interrelated and interdependent and the importance of law in the light of globalization, we the members of Modi Law College are committed make the student socially relevant and professionally competent. As such, the students are nurtured with the spirit and content of professionalism so as to make them perfect social engineers. The college's firm commitment is to have a vision to achieve the best and to make continuous improvements in all spheres of academics by disseminating legal knowledge and awareness to produce professionally competent lawyers, able administrators, researchers, judicial officers, the best in law fraternity, equipped with the best quality education and training, and above all, our endeavor is to serve the society, groom our students to be socially responsible citizens, who shall be whole-heartedly working in the process of nation building. Each one at our Institute is putting their genuine efforts and consistent hard work to put this vision in practice. The college is equipped with a team of dedicated and experienced faculty ever ready to guide the students in academic and extra academic activities and the college has a library with good number of text books and law journals as well as periodicals for catering needs of the student We strongly believe in “there is no substitute for hard work”. The work!!, “More you work, more you develop your ability to work.!” But of course, work without vision is a journey without direction.


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Dr. Kshipra Gupta


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